T minus 14 days: The last training hike…

6 months of prepping for the GR20 consisted of training schedules of 10km trail runs, yoga, backpacking and hiking. See below examples of ugly formatted tables with mismatched caps and lowercase. Information captured was:

  • Distance [km]
  • Elevation [mtr]
  • Route [location]
  • Time [excluding breaks]
  • With or without full packs [Y/N]
Sabatical_Sheet_-_Google_Sheets 1
June included backpacking in Alpine Lakes – grand scenery, blisteringly hot, but epic.
Included: Hiking in the Highlands of Scotland – unexpectedly good weather – but no sightings of Nessy to report
Double Dipsea [Mill Valley to Stinson Beach…..and back again]:  this time with full packs – brutal on the knees, yet strangely manageable
  • S – Pack weight with water – 9kg
  • T – Pack weight with water – 13.1kg

Fun score: 1 [I know – doesn’t seem possible – but it’s true !]





2 thoughts on “T minus 14 days: The last training hike…

    • fashionsausage October 4, 2018 / 1:55 pm

      There are 3. 1 is awesome, 2 is not fun at the time but after the fact it was great, 3 is no fun what so ever.


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