GR20 -Day 1 Stage 16:Conca to Village de Bavella

  • Time- 9hr 13 with rest
  • Distance- 18.2 km (11.3miles)
  • Elevation – 1561 mtr (5121 ft) ascent/ 811 mtr (2660 ft) descent
  • Fun score S- 2
  • Fun score T- 1.2

As this was only 4 days into our time in Europe we were still suffering from Jet lag so we started the day with around 3 hours sleep? Brutal!

The day was sunny and clear, almost no wind although as the hike progressed it became very hot on exposed slopes.

As we left the village of Conca we were escorted for the first 4 km by a sweet dog who happily raced ahead and then doubled back. He must have been a local pup out for his morning hike.. He seemed very independent and friendly. Eventually a hiker approaching in the opposite direction also with a pup, distracted our companion and our furry friend was gone.

The terrain was really mixed from forest to loose rocks and big boulders : our first intro to this terrain. More to come on that.

We made it to Refuge de Piliri which was our first into to the Refuges. It was a basic shack with some small stone and wood buildings scattered around the site which housed the toilet (squaty potty), and some dorms housing bunk beds and mattresses. It was also possible to camp there. We had a stale baguette and PB and a can of coke (sugar) whilst we debated pushing on another couple of hours to reduce the next days hike.

The vote came in to continue to the Village de Bavella and off we climbed. The hike was long especially for the first day on jet lag but we were rewarded with a bunk bed situation in a dorm room with a flushing toilet and hot shower (it’s the simple things).

We were able to wash our clothes and re charge ourselves and phones.

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