GR20 -Day 2 Stage 15: Village de Bavella to Refuge D’Asinau

  • Time- 5hr 48 with rest
  • Distance 9.7km (6.02 miles)
  • Elevation 950 mtr (3116 ft) ascent / 740 mtr (2427 ft) descent
  • Fun Score
  • S-2.2- hard climb/ relentless/ defeated
  • T-1.2
First view of the day’s climb

The second day hiking is always tough as the legs are still a little sore. The jet lag was still there so we started again with 3 hours sleep (still brutal). The ascent was immediate with a bouldery climb with poles, without poles and sometimes just 1. The sun was bold and the walk was hot and sunny with a slight breeze in shade. At the top of the shoulder we encountered mist.

The fun really kicked in when we reached the descent on chains. Unusually I was more into this than T. I thought it was pretty fun.

Find the guy in blue, and they call this a “hike”

There was a very steep climb to crest the shoulder – and an equally steep descent scramble down to the forested section.

Past small watering hole and then 100mtr up to the refuge. The past 2 days have given us long hikes with the last 200mtr being a climb – FFS!

The Refuge was pretty scrappy, lots of tents, lots of rubbish scattered and an eating area covered with flies (meh!) BUT the toilets were good and apparently the cold showers were great – I opted for baby wipes (TMI)

We had dinner in the refuge and chatted to some other Brits who were walking North South. The dinner consisted of a charcuterie plate, a bowl of lentils and some dessert (18e).

We hope for a better night sleep – or at least more than 3 hours.

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