GR20 Day 3 Stage 14: Refuge D’Asinau- Refuge De Matalza

  • Time- 4hr 30 with rest
  • Distance-10km (6.2 miles)
  • Elevation-515 mtr (1689 ft) ascent, 771 mtr (2529 ft) descent
  • Fun score
  • S- 1
  • T- 1

We finally got better rest – not a solid 8 but more than a feeble 3.

The day started with some parts cloud but a good breeze which made it easy to tackle the day. There is an option to combine stages 13 and 14 but we decided to do each stage in a day so that we had shorter days with more afternoon rest. I also wanted to have 1 day where I didn’t feel defeated (which was the case after the first 2 days)

We had a heavy uphill climb steep with scrambling on rocks and slabs – 500mtr climb in 1.5km – Y.I.K.E.S.

We had a brief rest at top and then long steep then quickly gradual descent into pastureland which was very easy to pick up pace.

Overall it was a good day and ending it at the Refuge embracing a ‘win’ was a good feeling.

Tim Burton-esque landscape

The Refuge was almost empty and really nice. Hot showers, deckchairs and a small babbling brook nearby where we did some Yoga #californiacliche

We met up with some other hikers, a Brit and German who were doing the same route as us. We compared notes and shared wine.

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