GR20 Day 4 Stage 13: Refuge de Matalza to Refuge D’Usciolu

  • Time-5hr12 with rest
  • Distance-11.5km (7.14 miles)
  • Elevation-793 mtr (2601 ft) ascent, 621 mtr (2037 ft) descent
  • Fun score
  • S-1.5 – tough and technical
  • T- 1.75- heat and poor sleep

I started with upset stomach (I blame the lentils from the previous night – healthy food – bah!) The day started hot with a slight breeze becoming stronger on ridge. The immediate ascent was manageable hidden by trees. It looked like a gentle start, with forest and shade but this was to change….

Ascending to the ridge and the ridge walk itself was intense and very technical with lots of scrambling up and down. Every time we looked for the next refuge, it seemed to be further away… not very motivating.

But generally, and I say ‘generally’, the scrambling was fun but exhausting mentally. Having to be so focused on where you are placing your feet so you don’t roll an ankle is exhausting.

The refuge was pretty rough with a steepish slopes with limited flat spaces to pitch a tent. Those with their own tents were placed at the bottom of the hill with a steep ramble up to get water and food: MEH.

There was a squat toilet close to us with no light, lock or proper door… interesting.

We booked our dinner (pasta with mushrooms and carrots) and struggled to eat it (due to fatigue (us, not the pasta)

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