GR20 Day 7 Stage 11: Bocca di Verdi to Bergeries d’E Capanelle – (low route)

  • Time- 5hr50 with rest
  • Distance-13.83km (8.59 miles)
  • Elevation-800mtr (2624 ft) ascent, 629 mtr (2063 ft) descent
  • Fun score
  • S- 2- Easy route, I was just mentally drained
  • T- 1

Started cool in the valley but warmed up quickly. The walk began in a wooded valley, crossing streams and fallen trees. Gently climbing to a col where a bergerie sold local cheese.

Then a long, gentle, undulating, forested slow decent to a bridge over the road.

Finally a sharp, rocky climb of about 250mtr up to the gîte.

View from our lunch perch

During the hike we decided that we would end the hike at Vizzavona (completing the southern part of the course, and over 90km). We had the option of pitching the tent or staying in a dorm – we ‘pitched’ for the dorm which had hot showers..mmmmmm.

Once at the Refuge, and with patchy cell service we plan our next few days: Airbnb in Ajaccio, and car hire.

I felt depleted so went to bed early and skipped dinner, whilst Trey chatted to some other hikers, one of which had dislocated her thumb and then had her nose broken when a women in front of her fell. When people say the GR20 is steep, imagine someone in front of you falling while hiking and then they hit you in the face… I was happy with our decision to end our hike conquering the South.

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