Last Days of Corsica

Heading towards Corte, we had booked a small bnb for 2 nights called Casa Vanella in Casamacciolo, which looked like an architectural combination of classical French gite mixed with modern Scandinavian modernism. It was a great stopping point between Piana and Corte.

The place was quite lovely and more spectacular in real life.

The gite housed the bedrooms with the modern structure used for communal dining space. As the bnb was relatively remote, it offered an evening meal as an extra service.

It was excellent!

The next day we did what turned out to be our last hike in Corsica (more to come on that). We sought advice from the host of the gite and planned to do a 5 hour hike to a lake on top of a mountain (Lac de Nino).

The hike as per usual that we had experienced was a mixture of terrain starting with woodland, followed by a heathy mix of rock scrambling, exposed ridge line and ending with a stoney descent. Reassuringly familiar. (Click for 360 view from the top)

This final hike joined up with the northern section of the GR 20 for a few km.

Seeing the red and white stripe markings was like catching up with an old friend: a kind of friendship which had rocky moments but never the less it was really special.

It reminded us of what we had achieved earlier in the month- 90km through hike walking halfway across Corsica. It made it clear that we would be back some day to finish the northern section.

  • Distance 14.24 km
  • Time 5.31 min
  • Elevation 970 ascent 1021 descent
  • Fun score
  • S-1
  • T-1

So why did we cut our Corsican adventure short? The answer is simple, after 3 weeks on this beautiful island with exceptional hiking, glorious weather and delicious food, we decided to make the most of being in Europe by picking up a last minute flight to…..Amsterdam.

2 thoughts on “Last Days of Corsica

  1. Sandra de Gooyer September 27, 2018 / 7:31 pm

    Wow Susie what an adventure are you and Trey having! Love to read your stories an soooo much respect for you guys!

    If there is time, mood and opportunity to meet up in Amsterdam, would love to see you for a drink or something. Soooo long ago that we have met!

    Hug, Sandra



    • fashionsausage September 28, 2018 / 5:50 am

      San- lovely to hear from you- I just IM’d you. Thanks for following our blog xx


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