Thursday 11th October – Day 3 : Danaqyu (2200 mt) to Chame (2710mt)

  • Time- 4.45mins
  • Distance-14.9km
  • Elevation-ascent 907m descent 565m
  • Fun score
  • S-1
  • T-1

Today’s was a straightforward route: no cows, some horses but nothing dangerous.. Great morning views of the Annapurna from the guest house. The scenery got more dramatic the higher we got (kind of obvious, but still worth noting). There was a nice forest section away from the road – with less noise and less dust plus a few bridge crossings on remainder of the route – some low, some high.

Previous weather had been 20-25deg C now today it dropped to 17deg C with a cool breeze. Good to get the rain shells out.

Walked through some waterfalls on the path.

Got to Royal Garden Hotel as per referal and scored a room with en suite for 500 – Santi did not let us down -the hotel belonged to her nephew.

We met up with the Dutch couple again and also a couple from SF who just started the hike.

4110 nrps for room and board. $34

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