Friday 12th October – Day 4: Chame (2710mt) to Upper Pisang (3310mt)

  • Time-4.45mins
  • Distance-14.5km
  • Elevation-tba GPS shitty
  • Fun score
  • S-1
  • T-1

It’s starting to get colder now. Today started with a high of 8 deg C but was very hot in sun.

First section long climb over 2 hours including a walk through cliff face with a narrow road carved into it.

Generally we had mixed terrain from dusty roads to forest walks- it was a nice blend and kept it interesting.

The village of Bhratang was interesting. This area of the Menang province is known for apples and as a result the village had created a Sonoma-esque farm shop and coffee bar for the hikers. After walking through humble shacks previously it was jarring to see a glass fronted coffee shop selling apple donuts and espresso. I did not partake.

Next section was steeper followed by a forest amble before opening up into a mellow woodland path.

Ahead of us was this huge mountain of smooth rock which served as a backdrop to a small village where we grabbed some lunch with a couple Kiwis we’d just met.

Balance of trek was very desert like with dry arid land.

Reached Upper Pisang and looked for the hotels that CD recommended.

Stayed at hotel Alobar with the Canadian and US couple from last night

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