GR20 Day 6 : Bocca di Verdi – Zero day- rest

Today was a rest day – It also coincided with a rainy day so we were glad we didn’t hike.

We checked in for dinner that night (we wouldn’t be caught out again – no sir)

We spent the day eating and rehydrating. We were really depleted in both so it felt good to refuel. The menu in the refuge was pretty confusing, or rather, the menu may have been clear, maybe my French was not sufficient to gain the answers I needed from the guardian. In any case, we had missed breakfast (of course, they were full) so we bought a couple of tins of ravioli (yes you heard me) and we inhaled that for breakfast. You should try it – it was pretty tasty.

Lunch was a complete shock – whilst playing cards in the refuge, sitting by a roaring fire, one of the staff started to clean a grill above the fire. Interesting we thought…

One hour later, we saw plates of steak frites being carried to an outside table… with our mouths open and with noticeable drool I asked “Monsieur, C’est possible?”

So lunch was steak frites. It was gone in a matter of minutes.

That night we shared a table with a Brit and 2 Americans who were experienced hikers who reiterated the technical aspects of the Northern section. It was nice to chat with them and to share stories of hikes and refuges.

No rain that night.

Training Mantra

I did warn you…sincere apologies…

Now that I am hiking a lot I’m so much fitter

They thought that I’d be weak at hiking, but I’m stronger

They thought that I’d be broke with spending, I dress smarter

They thought that I’d be tired of hiking, I hike harder

They thought I wouldn’t grow with hiking, but I’m wiser!

They thought that I’d be hopeless at camping but I’m smarter

They thought that I’d be crap at yoga, but I’m chillin’

They thought I wouldn’t manage trail running, I’m 10k ing

I’m a survivor, I’m not gon’ give up

I’m not gon’ stop, I’m gon’ work harder

I’m a survivor, I’m gonna make it

I will survive, keep on survivin’

Month 1: Corsica – GR20

The GR20 is a 112 mile / 180km hike across Corsica. Most people hike it North / South but we’ll be hiking South / North [rare but not unusual].

We decided on the idea of the GR20 after I nixed the idea of the JMT [John Muir Trail] following an unsuccessful backpacking trip to the Emigrant Wilderness last October. I was promised sunshine dappled hikes but got snowy ascents and sub-zero sleeping [C not F]. So the plan was changed and after googling ‘best hikes in the world’ we found the GR20. Below are the motivating factors:

  • 16 days on the GR20 instead of 24 on the JMT
  • Meals in refuges instead of carrying everything on our backs
  • The chance to be in Europe again…. sigh…..

Here’s what it will look like in terms of distance, elevation and time [for the high route] from South to North beginning at the end with Stage 16 and finishing, yes, you guessed it at stage 1:

Sabatical_Sheet_-_Google_Sheets 4

Stage information from the GR20 Corsica book by Paddy Dillon. A great resource for those planning the trip.

We’ll be flying to Europe on Tuesday 4th to begin the hike from Conca on Saturday 8th September. Pack list and geek facts on gear to follow.