Osaka: 18 Hours And Not A Minute More

Osaka was always planned as a brief visit (it had never been a *must see* on our agenda) but we managed to keep it under 24 hours. We used the location as a stopover between Hiroshima and Osawa which was the location of our visit to Satoyama Jujo. Direct from Hiroshima would have been +/- nine hours.

Osaka is huge – supposedly larger than LA and spread out accordingly. We stayed in the Nakazakicho area of the city which was an up and coming district full of small local houses and cafes stores around 12 min walk from Umeda station. As per my usual requirements it had just the right blend of old vs new, hipster vs old lady, vintage vs craft. The vintage stores were amazing – Shop Band was especially excellent with luxury consignment.

Our accommodation was listed as *Osaka Umeda Cosy Cute Apartment* and yet again, we can confirm that it was all of those things.

For dinner we found a local ramen place called Ramen Kikuhan: still watching the ¥ as we approach our next stop, but clearly not watching it that closely since earlier that afternoon I purchased a vintage APC coat in Band. I call it selective budgeting.

When your mac matches the drapes

The next day were were up and out at 8am for our six hour journey to a new side of the country.